Turkish Positive Psychology Association 

About Us

The Turkish Positive Psychology Association was founded to promote research, education, and dissemination of positive psychology in Turkey. The Association is internationally recognized and our current chairman is the regional representative of the Students of the International Positive Psychology Association.

Aims of the Association

The emphasis of the Association is on both developing new scientific knowledge as well as on applying such evidence-based knowledge to enhance the lives of people.

Public storytelling about positive psychology almost exclusively focuses on the cultivation of high arousal positive emotions, such as happiness. However, given the breadth, richness, and complexity of human affective states, if we stick to a reductionist distinction between positive and negative, we will simply deny the true complexity of our emotional life and end up narrowly circumscribing human flourishing to high arousal positive emotions. Inevitably, the hyperfocus on happiness will prevent us from building a truly fulfilling life. Since happiness is just one of the symptoms of such a complex construct as well-being, the Association aims to embrace a more comprehensive framework in trying to understand optimal human functioning.

Objectives of the Association

1. To encourage and initiate research in the scientific study of positive psychology.

2. To build a network of researchers, educators, scholars, clinicians, consultants, and graduate students.

3. To increase the recognition of positive psychology as a scientific field in the general public.

4. To increase the dissemination of psychological knowledge through professional contacts, meetings, and workshops.

Partnership and Collaborations

Turkish Positive Psychology Association welcomes partnerships opportunities with the public and the private sector. 

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